The Hub Priority is for active and adaptive forest management to be a key driver of positive climate outcomes in Tasmania.

Tasmania has recently achieved net zero greenhouse gas emissions across all economic sectors.

The active management of forests and natural resources can have a positive impact on climate change while supporting prosperous lives and lifestyles for all Tasmanians.

Hub Priority Projects

Current Projects

2024 Carbon and Forestry: Where are we now and what are the priorities for the forest industry in Tasmania?

An assessment of the carbon activities and projects being undertaken by various stakeholders across Tasmania and within the other Hub regions to identify priorities and key areas within the Hub’s remit of providing advice to government.

Completed Projects

2023 Farm Forestry Carbon Tool

Created by the Tasmania Forestry Hub in collaboration with Private Forests Tasmania, the tool was developed by Tasmanian tech company Indicium Dynamics, this tool is available on the Farm Forestry Carbon Tool website or directly via Carbon Estimator

2020 Climate Change and Carbon Policy Assessment report

Download Climate Change and Carbon Policy Final Report

Completed November 2020, this report details opportunities for expansion of Tasmania’s forestry sector grouped around key themes of:

  • adapting to climate change;
  • improving climate policy and carbon markets;
  • exploring bioenergy opportunities:
  • natural capital and ecosystem services.